PRIDE Meeting! Also, shirts are in!

Meeting reminder: This weeks meeting, 9/17 will be in BLB 055 at 7 pm! It is our PRIDE meeting! We will be making posters for Pride and learning some history of Dallas Pride.

Also, the shirts are in! We are selling them for 10 dollars and will have them at the meeting so bring your money! :)

do you guys exclude those outside of the gender binary like agender, pangender, and sexualities such as asexual, pansexual, etc. Also do you have members that identify with the more uncommon terms like that? I am an incoming student and I don't want to feel uncomfortable if I identify as what I identify with if the members aren't aware of what they are/don't believe they exist. Because the strict LGBT title is a little misleading since there is no +.

We do not exclude any gender, any sexual orientation at all. We welcome everyone. We use Queer as an umbrella term. That is what is it now. But back to the point, everyone is welcome in Glad. It is a safe place no matter if you’re straight or asexual. We do not ask the sexuality or gender of our members out of respect.

First meeting of the semester is this Wednesday.

Wednesday, 9/10/2014, 7 pm in Wooten Hall 122.

Hi! Is this academic year's first meeting happening in ESSC 255 tomorrow (8/27) evening?

No we aren’t having a meeting until Sept. 10 at 7. This first meeting will be in Wooten because ESSC was booked.

First Fall Meeting Announcement!

The Officer team had their first meeting tonight to plan out the Fall semester. We are super excited for the semester and hope to see everyone at our first meeting, which is….

September 10 at 7 p.m. in Wooten Hall, Room 122.

Mark your calendars now! Stay tuned for more!

When do your meetings start up again, and where is the building?

We will announce the building and day soon but we are aiming for Wednesday’s at 7

For those with unsafe home environments and are having trouble getting away from it what would you suggest?

Find someone to talk to that you trust to help you get out of the situation. That’s the most important step is just reaching out and talking to someone, see if they can help you. Find the local LGBT support center in the area, perhaps contact them. There is a few resources on this page that might be able to help you

Is there actually straight guys in your group?

Everyone is welcome to our group. We do not ask our members their sexual or gender identity.

Is it Glad or GLAD? I thought it wasn't an acronym??

It stands for Gay Lesbian Alliance of Denton. 

Hey #UNT18! WELCOME! :)

We are going to be tabling at Freshman orientation session 1 tonight at the resource fair at 5:30 in the coliseum! Stop by and see us!