For those with unsafe home environments and are having trouble getting away from it what would you suggest?

Find someone to talk to that you trust to help you get out of the situation. That’s the most important step is just reaching out and talking to someone, see if they can help you. Find the local LGBT support center in the area, perhaps contact them. There is a few resources on this page that might be able to help you

Is there actually straight guys in your group?

Everyone is welcome to our group. We do not ask our members their sexual or gender identity.

Is it Glad or GLAD? I thought it wasn't an acronym??

It stands for Gay Lesbian Alliance of Denton. 

Hey #UNT18! WELCOME! :)

We are going to be tabling at Freshman orientation session 1 tonight at the resource fair at 5:30 in the coliseum! Stop by and see us! 

I want to minor in LGBT studies at UNT, but I can't find catalog info for the courses, only a list of them. Can someone help with this?

Here is the website where you can find the list of courses, more about the program and such

Do you meet during the summer?

No, we do not. We will announce fall meeting times when the room is booked. :)

GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance and erases a large number of identities. Plus, straight people do not belong in safe spaces for MOGII people, they belong outside guarding them, if anything.

Understand what you’re saying. The only thing I can say right now is that there hasn’t been any major discussion of changing our name. Perhaps in the fall once meetings start, if you would like to come to an officer meeting to suggest names, we can perhaps vote but the officer team assures that GLAD is a welcoming, safe place for anyone and everyone.

Queer is a slur and not everyone is comfortable with using it.

We understand that people might not be comfortable using the term Queer. We also recognize that it has been used as a slur word; however, that being said, we have adopted or rather taken the word back. We have reclaimed the word Queer. If you aren’t comfortable using it though, we are also known as the GSA. 

How is dating at UNT for lesbians?

I’m sure it depends on who you ask. There’s plenty of fish in the sea of UNT. ;) Gotta find them!

Do you think you might change your name to reflect inclusion of Bisexuals, Transgender people, Polysexuals, Asexuals, Aromantics....?

Thanks for the question of our name. At this time, we have no plans to change our name. We use the term Queer as an umbrella term to include everybody.