Meetings for GLAD this semester have wrapped up and we have a new officer team in place. :o)

We’re looking forward to Fall and will announce meetings when the time comes closer.

Someone is always here to answer your questions, anonymous or not, so never be afraid to hit that ASK button.


I'm writing a paper for UNT class. Is your organization named Glad, glad, or GLAAD? Also, is that an acronym (if so what does each letter stand for?) or is it more inclusive and therefore it does not stand for an acronym? How many members is in the UNT Glad? -Thank you for your response.

We are UNT Glad Queer Alliance. Glad stands for, if I’m not mistaken, Gay Lesbian Alliance of Denton. We don’t have an official number of how many members are in the organization.

GLAAD is a different organization that is national.

Is interracial dating in the LGBT community impossible? Or am I just into a bunch of assholes??

Dating takes a certain amount of patience. There is nothing wrong with interracial dating as long as both are comfortable. Best of luck to you. 

How do you tell your crush that you like him/her? What's the best way so that it won't be awkward??

Telling a crush you like them can and probably always will be awkward. Sadly, there isn’t much advice that can be offered because there is no right or wrong way. Sometimes you just have to gather that strength and courage and jump in. If you’re afraid to tell them in person, send a message via email, FB, or even text. That can lessen the awkward, some. It really is up to your discretion though. Best of luck to you.


Drag show is TONIGHT

There will be a GLAD meeting this Wednesday on:


Wooten 222 @ 7 p.m.


What are the activities in the weekly meeting?

This weeks meeting will be on Bullying. -E

I wonder if the event on Friday 3/28/14 at 7-9pm is hosted by Glad. Could you please provide me some information about the event?

The PRIDE one? It’s actually not being hosted by us. I’ve seen posters regarding it but not sure who is hosting it. It could be the Pride Alliance office.-E


This isn’t GLAD affiliated but… it’s a good opportunity to get involved and support women and another organization!

I’m posting this on behalf of the Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority here at UNT and they are looking for GUYS to strut their stuff in a WOMANLESS Pageant! 

It’s April 23, 7-9 in the ESSC. Tickets are on sale.

Here is the event information:

If you want to be a participant just hit that message button or comment on the FB page.

I just came out to my mom and it didn't go well. I'm 23 and I have been in several hetero relationships. I have a daughter with an ex. My mom is pressuring me to keep my orientation a secret so that my custody of my daughter isn't comprised.

Anon, I would be happy to speak with you on a personal level about your situation and help you out. -E